Incentive Trip 2017- Phuket Elephant Sanctuary

Our last day we visited the Phuket Elephant Sanctuary….be sure to find them on facebook.  It was amazing.  Elephants are often mistreated/abused in Thailand- for the sake of tourism.  This is a wonderful sanctuary for those elephants who have experienced a hard life.  They are allowed to live out their days peacefully in the jungle, learning how to trust humans again and learning how to “be” an elephant.

We had an amazing time….something/someplace I never would have traveled.  I can’t believe the exciting places I get to go, simply because I sell stamps!  Thank you, my wonderful stampin’ friends, for always supporting my dream!

Incentive Trip 2017- The Blue Elephant

Stampin’ Up! really knows how to treat their incentive trip earners….we are completely spoiled with pillow gifts each night!  It was tons of new holiday catalog items that I wasn’t allowed to share!  Look for a reveal movie coming soon!   Our final team event was held at The Blue Elephant.  We all got off the bus and traveled down a path where the SU team was cheering and clapping and high fives all around!  There were girls there in traditional costume, music was pumping, drinks were being handed out and they gave us all a beautiful bracelet made from the most delicious smelling flowers….we visited a few elephants and headed into a tent where we had an amazing thai meal!

Incentive Trip- Phang Nga Bay

We had another boat trip to Phang Nga Bay….it was pretty overcast and little baby showers, but we still had a grand day!  We visited a floating fishing village, took a kayak trip around the bay, we visited James Bond Island, where Man with the Golden Gun was filmed and then headed to an island where Stampin’ Up! had a private lunch for all of us!

Incentive Trip 2017- Phi Phi Islands

After we adjusted to the insane humidity….we really enjoyed our day trips to Phi Phi Island (pronounced pee-pee) 🙂  Even though it is monsoon season, we had some rain in the mornings, a couple overcast days and 2 afternoons of torrential downpours.  We were told that there are 2 seasons in Thailand- hot and hotter.  We were there during the hot season- really not sure how they survive hotter.

We had a great day spending time on the boat, enjoying the gorgeous water and hanging out with friends!

Incentive Trip 2017- Thailand

It’s still hard to believe that I was there last week….Thailand was never a “bucket list” destination, but when I earned the trip, I asked my Dairy Farmer to keep an open mind and in some stroke of insanity, he said yes!  It was wonderful to see a different part of the world and I’m sure glad we went, but I don’t ever need to go back.

All ready for our 22 hour plane ride!  UGH!  It wasn’t terrible and now I can travel anywhere!  We stepped off the plane around 11pm and were hit with a wall of humidity the likes we have never felt.  Wasn’t sure we could handle a week of it!  I shall never complain about the humidity in PA ever again!!!

We stayed at the Angsana Laguna and was just gorgeous!

I’m working on sorting all my pictures, so look for tomorrow’s post to see what excursions we went on!

Happy Stampin’



Incentive Trip – Day 8/9

old port marsielle (14)

Welcome to Marsielle!  Our last port!

aix en provence (9)

We started put pretty early and Marsielle was very quiet and peaceful….something we weren’t used to.  The one thing that was astounding about driving in Italy was the traffic!  My word!!!  2 lanes become 6 lanes….stop lights are optional and there are hundreds of moped/scooters all over the place.  How else will you get anywhere and on time?  So France….not so much.

aix en provence (20) aix en provence (21)

We sauntered down the lovely little streets in Aix en Provence and happened upon this outdoor market….

aix en provence (24) aix en provence (33) aix en provence (25)

aix en provence (26) aix en provence (27) aix en provence (28) aix en provence (32)

WOW….everything was so fresh and smelled delicious.

aix en provence (29)

my high school graduate enjoying her caffe and a croissant…..


Next stop is the village of Cassis…lovely view from the mountain as we headed into the town

view of cassis (11) view of cassis (4) view of cassis (2)

view of cassis (7) view of cassis (8)

cassis (10) cassis (12)


We spent some time shopping and eating….eating and shopping….

cassis (9) cassis (7)

cassis (3) cassis (2)

old port marsielle (8) notre dame de la garde (4) notre dame de la garde (8)

We then visited notre dame de la guard…i gorgeous chapel made of white/green marble- great views of the city of Marsielle


notre dame de la garde (9) old port marsielle (7)


Then back on the ship and off to Barcelona!

aix en provence (1) aix en provence (2)

Good night, Mediterranean….we loved visiting but we need to see our boys at home!

IMG_7149 IMG_7150

My final pillow gift….boy, were we spoiled with this trip!  Thanks SU!