Incentive Trip 2017- Thailand

It’s still hard to believe that I was there last week….Thailand was never a “bucket list” destination, but when I earned the trip, I asked my Dairy Farmer to keep an open mind and in some stroke of insanity, he said yes!  It was wonderful to see a different part of the world and I’m sure glad we went, but I don’t ever need to go back.

All ready for our 22 hour plane ride!  UGH!  It wasn’t terrible and now I can travel anywhere!  We stepped off the plane around 11pm and were hit with a wall of humidity the likes we have never felt.  Wasn’t sure we could handle a week of it!  I shall never complain about the humidity in PA ever again!!!

We stayed at the Angsana Laguna and was just gorgeous!

I’m working on sorting all my pictures, so look for tomorrow’s post to see what excursions we went on!

Happy Stampin’